Kiteboarding Seattle

Aerial Kiteboarding - Best kite school for someone coming from Seattle 

Squamish, British Columbia is an ideal location for learning kiteboarding for those located not only in the Vancouver and Sea to Sky Corridor but also residents of Seattle and surrounding areas. Just a short drive across the border, Squamish makes a perfect weekend getaway. Because of the regular and consistent winds, Squamish is the best kite destination on the West Coast of North America and one of the best in the world.

There are many reasons why it's worth the trip up from Seattle to learn kite boarding, here's why:

Kiteboarding Seattle


The winds in Squamish are thermal- meaning they are heat driven. Over the summer months starting around mid-May and lasting until mid-September the sun shines and the wind blows almost 7 days a week. The winds are strong and consistent around 20-25 knots most days. Reliable winds like we have in Squamish are not found in Seattle.



With the exchange rate of the American to Canadian dollar, kite lessons in Canada for Americans are very affordable. Lesson range from $80-$100CAD/hour for private lessons and semi-private lessons range from $110-$150CAD/hour.

Kiteboarding Seattle


Seattle to Squamish is quite close, though travel expenses must be considered. From downtown Seattle to Squamish is about 3.5 hours driving, doable in one day but it is recommended to spend the night and spend two days kiting and enjoying the other activities Squamish has to offer.

Accommodations are also very affordable varying from free camping to 5 star hotel rooms.

Kiteboarding Seattle


We are innovative and get people up and riding fast! Different from other schools, we have adapted and developed our teaching methods on order to get our students up and riding as quickly as their very first lesson. Other schools may not have their students even touch the board until the third or fourth lesson.

We are able to do this because of our unique teaching methods. Teaching from boats allows us to focus only on the task at hand speeding up the progression process. For example, it is not necessary for our students to learn upwind body dragging (to recover their lost board) until much later in the progression as we are able to recover the board via boat giving our students much more practice time. When learning from the beach, this is a skill that needs to be mastered before touching the board. It requires good kite control and understanding making it hard to ride the board the very first lesson.

Our fun and progression based lessons will get our students up and riding very quickly. Once riding, we will slowly introduce more theory and skills necessary to become an independent rider.

Kiteboarding Seattle


Squamish is Canada's adventure capital. When you are not in the water you can explore one of Canada's most beautiful places. Enjoy mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, stand up paddleboarding, sailing, wind surfing, rock climbing, yoga retreats, endless waterfalls, skiing in the summer and much more.

Even if the wind does not cooperate there are so many other options in Squamish to fill your time.