Squamish Watersports Centre originally Aerial Kiteboarding School & Shop was established in 2010 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After 2 successful winter seasons, Aerial Kiteboarding established a summer destination school in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada located just 40 minutes both North of Vancouver and South of Whistler.

In Squamish, the wind blows strong and consistent almost everyday through the summer months. The wind is a thermal, so as Pemberton, Whistler and the north heat up during the day, the cooler air from Vancouver and the south moves in to replace the hot air.

The cold air passes through Squamish on it’s way north, accelerating as it passes through the mountains in the Howe Sound. This gives us beautiful consistent wind almost everyday in the summer when the sun is shining.

The kiteboarding location is called the Spit. The winds blow offshore from this location making it an advanced kite spot. Because of this we teach all of our lesson from boats. Not only is the is safest and most progressive way of learning, it is also and unique and beautiful way of experiencing Squamish.

Lessons run every day the wind blows. The season can start as early as mid-March and go until the beginning of October. The most consistent months are June, July and August where the weather is sunny and warm everyday.


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